December 22, 2005

SS3 Ep 18: Votestruck

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Wednesday Dec 21 Update

After a series of ‘physical improvements’, the Dreamers were sent back to their hometowns to test their ‘hometown appeal’ and to solicit support from their kababayans through text votes. For this episode, only six Dreamers were featured so that we could take a better view of our Dreamers’ hometown gimmicks. Who do you think had the best strategy?

IWA chose the tried and tested strategy: attacking her very own school. Aside from talking to the students, Iwa was smart enough to target the Administration Offices. She also personally met with the University’s Vice Chancellor to ask for his support. It seems like Iwa’s university is 100% behind her. (Iwa might even have her posters put up courtesy of the Chancellor himself. Showing a not-so-handsome-boyfriend though is a big no-no move! It’s a turn off and a put-down!

MARKY’s strategy was the best one for this episode. By going back to his very roots and showing everyone that he is more than proud of it, Marky not only got the support of his kababayans but also of those who want to see a man from a ‘slightly different’ culture. In Mountain Province, Marky’s entire tribe was there to support him and make sure that he gets to the top. Note: Marky’s middle name is Cadaweng.

ARCI’s approach was slightly different and ‘ineffective’. Instead of targetting the schools, Arci and her family decided to give her a motorcade. Complete with tarpaulins and streamers and banners, Arci’s convoy moved along the rather lifeless streets from their home to the municipal hall. Only at the municipal hall did I see a ‘bigger’ number of people. (less than 50, I think).

VANESS had a different approach. Vaness, instead, targetted the RGMA radio stations for interviews. She also went back to see her friends at school and raided the Teacher’s Day and stole the scene. She also gave award textvote cards so people would remember to vote for her. Nice idea!

GIAN probably has the biggest audience share for this season (for Iloilo, that is). Gian not only got screaming girls ready to support him, he also has the heart of the entire Ilonggo Nation. Considered “magnet of Iloilo’, Gian even signed autographs for male supporters. Go Gian!

SARA’s plight was the most heartbreaking so far. More and more, I think these unproven malicious scandals continue to affect her, in a negative way. It is evident that the entire Iloilo was giving her a cold shoulder. Sara, whose sister prepared lots of posters, was turned down by the head of the Catholic School she went to. Stating that it is the school’s SOP, Sara couldn’t do anything but walk away with tears in her eyes. Sara’s words were ‘wala pong suporta’. Because of this episode, I have become a Sara fan. Good thing kababayan Gian came to her rescue, Gian allowed Sara to go with him in his stints. Another point there Gian bai!

Starstruck 3 The Nationwide Invasion


December 21, 2005

The Sara Larsson Iloilo Scandal

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The San Agustin/Iloilo Scandal Screen Caps

Do you think this is Sara?



Now on with the IWA sex scandal… Show me the Screen Caps Already!!!

Starstruck 3 The Nationwide Invasion

SS3 Ep 17: Kilala Mo Ba Ako?

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Tuesday Dec 20 Update

Oh yeah, tonight’s episode is fun! The test not only proved who registered well with the audience but also revealed who has the charm (and guts) to mingle with the audience as well as finish an assigned task.

After they were ‘deglamorized’, the Dreamers were scattered all over a certain mall (pressumably an SM mall) in simple clothes and a bag full of whatnots. Their task was to:

1: Find a stranger and ask ‘Kilala mo ba ako?’ (If no, move on to another stranger.)

2. If Yes, they were to ask the stranger to point to them the location of a certain store.

3. Lastly, they would ask, ‘Anong pangalan ko?’

If the stranger gets it right, they get one point. If they get to the store where they need to go, they get a Star.

Most of the Dreamers had a fun experience (especially those who are early crowd favorites). However, for the Dreamers who are still in the shadows, the test proved to be a difficult challenge. Most of them earned points, however, some were disqualified for mentioning their names or for asking the wrong questions.



Here’s a recap of their individual experiences and their points:

Jana – She kept asking people around that when she got to the location of the store, she missed it. 1 Pt

Chuck – Chuck, an early favorite, isn’t really a ‘stayer’ as only two people recognized him. 2 Pts 10 Stars

Marky – He believes that his face is not easy to remember. He said that this is the reason why he only got 1 Pt.

Vivo – This early crowd favorite also didn’t make such a ripple. ‘Napagkamalan pa nga akong baliw”. Tsk tsk. 2 Pts

Iwa – Iwa thought of a plan to attract attention and create interaction. Well, she did well. 11 Pts 21 Stars

Vaness – Vaness had an encounter with a woman who, when asked “Kilala nyo po ba ako?’ said, ‘Sino ka ba?’ Poor Vaness. 5 Pts

Gian – Gian believes that in showbusiness, one has to have guts to make it. 3 Pts 10 Stars

Bugz – This dude feels na ‘di nila ako kilala’ and was even given a ‘deadma’ treatment. At one point there, I actually thought that he would give up. 2 Pts

Sara – This girl got the most points and proved to us that this game can still be anyone’s game. 20 Pts 20 Stars

I just noticed that the names of the top two Dreamers, Iwa and Sara, figured in malicious rumors recently. Although they may not be true, this just proves that Bad Publicity is STILL Publicity.


Jana is my new favorite. I used to think she wasn’t that good looking. I change my mind. Hang on there Bugz.

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Starstruck 3 The Nationwide Invasion

SS3 Ep 16: Im-PRESS Me!

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Monday Dec 19 Update

All right. I promise I will never miss another episode ever again. Oh hell, I really can’t promise. But I’d keep it to a mazimum of 5 until the Judgment Night. So in lieu of the real episode, let me just post an article I found similar to a day with the Press.

Half-Japanese,half-Filipino si Iwa Moto, 17 years old from Las Piñas. Pinilit lang daw siya ng kanyang neighbor na mag-audition sa Starstruck. “Ayoko talaga dahil ang gulo sa showbiz,”she said. Type ni Iwa lumabas sa romance-horror flick with Richard Gutierrez.

Gusto talagang maging artista ni Vaness del Moral from Baguio, kaya nag-audi-tion siya. She’s 17 at lumabas na sa isang shampoo commercial. Rocker si Vaness na type ang mga classic rock and oldies. Favorite niya ang Beatles at Bee Gees. Gusto niyang gumawa ng album with her favorite songwriter,Ogie Alcasid.

Gusto ring makatulong financially sa kanyang family si Jana Roxas, from Tarlac. She was abandoned by her father at birth at lumaki sa kanyang lola. Si Angel Locsin ang idol niya at crush naman niya si Mark Herras.

Starstruck naman ang six-teener na si Sara Larsson kay Ri-chard Gutierrez at wish niyang makatrabaho ito sa isang peliku-la. She’s half-Swedish, half-Filipina from Iloilo. Singing and dancing ang kanyang talents.

Feel naman maging komed-yante ni Jackie Rice from Olongapo. She’s 15 at idols niya sina Rufa Mae Quinto, Joey de Leon at Michael V. Paborito niyang pinanonood ang “Nuts Enter-tainment” at “Bubble Gang.”

Rea Nakpil is 16 from San Mateo, Rizal. Since she was 12 ay nagmo-model na siya for local retail brands. Nag-acting work-shop na rin siya dahil type niyang mag-artista. Gusto niyang gumanap ng mga heavy drama at contravida roles.

Arci Munoz is from Cainta, Rizal. She’s 16 at nag-aaral ng Theater Arts sa UP. Feel niyang lumabas sa telefantasya at favo-rite show niya ang “Encantadia.”

Vivo Ouno is 15 years old, from QC. Starstruck 1 pa lang ay gusto na niyang mag-join, hindi lang siya pinayagan ng kanyang kuya. Type ni Vivo lumabas sa isang drama series bilang isang kontrabida. Type niyang makapareha si Regine Velasquez na kamukha raw ng kanyang ex-girlfriend.

Na-eliminate last year sa Final 30 si Johan Santos from QC, kaya nag-audition uli siya sa SS3. Dream niya talaga maging artis-ta at gustong makatrabaho sina Jennylyn Mercado at Pauleen Luna. Varsity player si Johan sa FEU at gusto niya ring maging pro basketball player.

Taga-Cebu naman si Bugz Daigo, 18, na dream ang maka-pasok sa showbiz. Excited nga ang kanyang lola at tita na nag-palaki sa kanya ngayong naka-sama siya sa SS 3 Final 14. Bugz aspires to record an album of love songs and ballads at dream album niya ay maka-duet si Yasmien Kurdi.

Nursing student naman ang 17- year old na si Chuck Allie ng Davao. Noong nag-audition siya sa SS 3. He never imagined he would get this far. Basta nag-try lang daw siya sa kabila ng pagtutol ng kanyang pamilya. Consistent dean’s lister kasi si Chuck at afraid ang kanyang family na baka mapabayaan niya ang kanyang studies. Given a chance, type ni Chuck maging kontrabida sa isang drama series.

Playing the guitar ang talent ni Gian Carlos, 16, from Iloilo. Nag-audition siya sa SS 3 para madevelop naman ang iba pa niyang talents, especially danc-ing. Gusto rin niyang subukan ang acting at kung mabibigyan siya ng pagkakataon, he wants to work with Starstruck 2 Aven-ger Meagan Young or batch-mate Jana in a teen romance movie.

Taga-Mountain Province naman si Marky Cielo, 17, at isang Architecture student. Just for fun lang ang pag-audition niya sa SS 3. Type niyang ma-develop ang kanyang acting skills sa paglabas sa mga horror, comedy or fantasy projects. Wish lang niyang magkaroon ng cha-racter na lumilipad siya tulad ni Neo sa “The Matrix” or ni Miguel sa “Sugo.”

As useless, I’m trying to put everything together using Rickey’s blog. According to his latest blog “Vivo Ouano, Johan Santos and Marky Cielo are the runaway favorites” while Chuck Allie, Arci Munoz, Jackie Rice and Vaness del Moral were given one vote each.

That was basically it, really. Let’s talk tomorrow. I feel lazy!

[sources: Tempo/The Kapuso Network Bloggers Central/]

Starstruck 3 The Nationwide Invasion


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Maybe you all have heard about this but this just reached my ears. Very horrible intrigues that, if proven true, could very well bring down the names that I will mention…


From her opening ‘sob story’, we all learned that she wanted to help the poor people of Iloilo if she wins. However, rumor-mongers say that Sara was/is a bitch whose only focus is her self interest. The shy and demure Sara that we see on TV is actually an image this young lady is trying to build. Could this be true? An Ilongga said she could actually attest to how mean this young woman really is. Tsk tsk tsk. And what about this sex video of her giving head to her boyfriend? This is getting more and more freaky!

A more intriguing and affecting rumor involves Ms. Aileen IWAMOTO

Are you prepared to hear it? If not, then dont read below this line: ————

Iwa is said to be a member of a certain Fraternity at her school. During her initiation rites, she was said to be ‘pinagpilahan’ by her ‘brods’ in the said brotherhood. Aside from this, she is said to be a ‘pokpok’ and is a regular user of mj (marijuana). She also smokes and is a ‘lasinggera’. Also, according to mongers, she is already 20 years old.
Oh, no. This is so not good.

Please understand that I am not writing this to bring these Dreamers down. I’ve been rooting for Iwa and I will remain on her side as these rumors as considered unfounded truths.

However, as a member of the voting Starstruck public, I would personally like to hear straight answers from them. After all, intrigues are part of this business.

Maybe these issues were the reasons why Council Joey said ‘magtapat na kayo habang maaga pa at di pa kayo masyadong sikat‘.

I feel sad for the people involved.

Hmm.. it seems like this season is full of intrigues and two-faced gimmicks!!!

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Starstruck 3 The Nationwide Invasion

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